I got some feeback from Tom Richmond at his workshop when I wanted to do this a few weeks ago. So here it is completed (I think). This panel of drawing is an homage to the actor Rajnikanth (‘Thalaivar’ as he is affectionately called by Tamil speaking fans like me). Hopefully you recognize these avatars, I tried to capture him in six of his most iconic roles  (according to me:)-  they start with a comedic role in 1981, right up 2016 “Kabali Da”.  Hope you like it!! If you, or a fan you know want a non-watermarked print, I can have a high-resolution A4 sized glossy print sent to you. Details are on my blog page-requestaprint



The Wonderful people of Marin, CA

As beautiful as the county where I live in is, the people here are even more interesting. I love to sketch while my wife does the weekend groceries etc. She is sweet enough to let me sit around the stores with my sketchbook while she does all the work! Here are some glimpses of ‘Marinites’ going about their lives.

© 2015 Arvind Ramanathan All Rights Reserved

Sketches from my trip to Bangalore, India


It was great to be home seeing family. People at home are so diverse and resilient and have a great sense of humor about themselves. I think the ability to see humor and laugh at ourselves gives us the ability to endure and make our country a better place to live. I hope through these sketches you will get a glimpse of people in Bangalore. I am especially pleased with my sketch of a Ram Temple. This temple means a great deal to me as my family has been going there for generations.

© 2015 Arvind Ramanathan All Rights Reserved