People Sketching in Marin

IMG_0486 [101441] IMG_0530 [213772] IMG_0529 [213774] IMG_0489 [142594] IMG_0490 [142592] IMG_0526 [213780] IMG_0528 [213776]

IMG_0483 [70251] IMG_0470 [1428979] IMG_0473 [53297] IMG_0474 [53295] IMG_0476 [53293] IMG_0467 [1428985] IMG_0468 [1428983] IMG_0466 [1428987] IMG_0469 [1428981] IMG_0459 [726607] IMG_0458 [726609] IMG_0457 [726611] IMG_0456 [726613] IMG_0455 [726615] IMG_0454 [726617] IMG_0442 (1) IMG_0443 IMG_0441 image IMG_0437 [291708] IMG_0436 [291710] IMG_0435 [291712] IMG_0434 [291714] IMG_0408 [316837] IMG_0407 [316839] IMG_0403 [316845] IMG_0405 [316843] IMG_0406 [316841] IMG_0382 [41962] IMG_0380 [41966] IMG_0381 [41964] IMG_0379 [41968] IMG_0378 [160276] IMG_0377 [160278] IMG_0376 [160280] IMG_0373 [50678] IMG_0372 [50680] IMG_0371 [50682]

IMG_0358 [760043] IMG_0371 [50682] IMG_0372 [50680] IMG_0373 [50678] IMG_0376 [160280] IMG_0377 [160278]

IMG_0354 [743417] IMG_0355 [743415] IMG_0356

IMG_0326 [56309]

IMG_0320 [106490]IMG_0321 [106488]IMG_0315 [1366922]IMG_0316 [1366920]IMG_0317 [1366918]IMG_0314 [1286389] IMG_0313 [1286391]

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IMG_0984IMG_0993IMG_0985IMG_0971IMG_0959IMG_0978IMG_0162 IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0152 (Edited) IMG_0153 (Edited) IMG_0158 (Edited) IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0021 IMG_0166 (Edited) IMG_0169 (Edited)


© 2015 Arvind Ramanathan All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “People Sketching in Marin

    1. Thanks much, its heartening to know that my drawings connected with you in a personal way. Would love to see your dads cartoons, can you post them on your blog for nostalgia? Look forward to sharing more of my work with you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gosh I would love to be able to post some, but it was in the good old days before digital, he will have them somewhere stashed high! I used to love the Christmas cards that he used to do, all cartoons of the family, including the pets, and our fav toys/ teddies…. Was great when we were young, I was not so keen as a teenager, but I would love it now. Especially as he had them printed and sent out to everybody we knew! By the way your drawings would look great with pastel, I didn’t get around to putting that in my reply earlier. I will show my dad your cartoons, now he is retired, he may get inspired to draw again, I am trying to get him painting, but perhaps the cartoons would be a better reunion?


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