Announcing my new graphic novel- coming soon

A new India needs new superheroes, heroines…  and robots!

Follow five stories set in different parts of India, each an exciting

tale of an unlikely Indian who must use their new found abilities

to overcome their personal challenges and become a force for good.

1.Azad a proto artificial intelligence from 1944 awakes in present

day India, and must confront his own identity and an old evil.

2. A senior citizen in Bangalore who must revisit his past in order to

seek justice and become the vigilante AjjaHuli (Grandpa Tiger).

3. A young man from Chennai who must use powers endowed on him

by mosquitoes to fight a corrupt official by taking on the identity of

Mosquito Manidan.

4. A brave young girl in rural north India called Shurya must confront

oppression by taking on the mantle of Paree the village guardian.

5. Finally, Nilufer Surti must come to terms with her mortality and new

powers of X-ray vision to help her family and neighborhood.