Daily COVID-19 comic for everyone – ‘Bharath and Fatima learn about COVID-19’

Hello All, since I moved to teach and start a laboratory in Bangalore, I have been active creating comics for science communication. Though there is so much talk about COVID-19 on TV, often adding to less information and more fear. The need is very clear to me, most of my fellow Indians even right outside my home have less to no educational opportunities, and therefore have less understanding of what viruses are and what makes them tick. What the immune system is, or what vaccines are. So my love of science and comics comes together to simply explain these concepts. The children protagonists from my previous comic ‘The Burning Lake’ (https://curiousraman.com/2019/02/23/bharat-and-the-burning-lake-a-comic/) are back this time learning about COVID-19 and related issue in a conversation with their ‘scientist- uncle Raman’ , who looks a bit like me. There will be a new page every day, which is also being posted on a website-

This is a website (called covid gyan) hosted by numerous scientific institutes in India posting COVID-19 related information in English and numerous Indian languages.

I will have the full comic for download after 19 days. Keep checking back and letting me know how you like the comic.

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