Peter Sellers: a caricature-retrospective



Finally drew some caricatures of Peter Sellers in some of my favorite roles. I hope you can identify some of the movies/roles from these drawings. The first one from the movie ‘The Party’, I posted the pencil sketch last week. Most of you probably recognize Dr. Strangelove, this was the toughest to draw, I spent an entire evening trying to get the smile and gesture, slept over it, dreamed about it and thing I got a likeness that I was OK with. The last one is from the movie ‘Being there’- probably his best role, please do watch it if you can, it was one of his last movies. The other two are from a great movie called ‘Mouse that roared’, and of course Inspector Cleasueau (from the Pink Panther series).

If any of you is a Peter Sellers fan who wants a reprint of this let me know!


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