Paintings this week- reflections on the Trump election

Here a gouache painting of this young girl picking up the trash at the local mall/cafe. I heard her speaking in spanish, studying the jobs postings. I was filled with gratitude for her work ethic, gentle demeanor and for making sure that I had a clean place to work and draw in. I am afraid that the new president elect and his supporters in their arrogance, do not realize how fortunate this country is to have a steady flow of good hard working people who keep America great. Let us hope the new president realizes this before he irreversibly changes the welcoming fabric of this nation. I trust he will, since he does not seem to be an ideologue.


We went to the redwood forests this weekend and stopped at a quaint ice cream place on the way. I sketched this sweet old lady enjoying the sun and eating her ice cream. I’m glad I remembered to take my drawing supplies. I am really enjoying combining my drawings with gouache paint, maybe this will be my style if I keep at it.




4 thoughts on “Paintings this week- reflections on the Trump election

  1. Your gentle sketch and your reflections make me realise once again how drawing makes us slow down and observe the small things – the quiet things – that are truly the important things in life. We all need to be doing this as much as possible and now more than ever!

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    1. Its really nice hearing this from you. Indeed, I started drawing again to start looking away from my cell phone more and start noticing things again and as you put it the quiet things that we often overlook. It has made me a slightly better person I think:)

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