After a bit of a break- Anthony Bourdain

I have been on an art-break, I go through this once in a while introspecting, questioning what I am doing and trying to stay motivated to keep drawing. I am considering drawing a small comic-strip with characters I can grow over the years (more about this in the future). Anyway, I love watching Anthony Bourdain in his travel cum cooking show. People say he has the best job in the world, but he must have a constitution of steel to digest street food from around the world. I often think there must be footage of him really sick between episodes! He has a great asymmetric face, was fun to draw. If you have not seen it on CNN do check it out.


4 thoughts on “After a bit of a break- Anthony Bourdain

  1. A comic strip sounds like a great idea…do you have Sktchy app? You would do so well on there, you have a unique style, people post photos of themselves to be painted, you also have the option to sell the work, I have sold about five through the app, mainly privately, but there is now an option to list it officially for sale. All you do is choose a photo, from thousands, that you like the look of to paint, then upload it through the original photo. I love the app for those blank moments , as there is always something I would want to paint. Do take a look if you have not heard about it 😀

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    1. That is such a great idea. I did not know about the sketchy app, I just downloaded it and give it a whirl in a few days. WIll let you know how it goes. Thanks much for the feedback!

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