Workshop with Tom Richmond!

What a privelege it was to spend a few days with Tom, and a great group of cartoonists from as far away as Hong Kong. We spent Friday visiting his home and gracious family, and spent some hours in his home-studio where he demoed his techniques from inking to coloring etc. Great to see his studio and the mantle full or awards (including of course the 2011 Reuben award!- previous recepients have been other legends like Jack Davis, Mort Drucker and Bill Watterson).img_0646746814

We spent the next two days doing a LOT of drawings till my head hurt. He helped me see specifically the many areas I had to do a lot of work on. Here are a few drawings I did, I learnt to caricature babies, and try to be a bit braver with my exaggerations. The last couple of drawings might show signs of that.img_0641746822img_0642746820img_0643746818

After that a group of us caricatured each other posing for about 15 or 20 minutes. So here is a caricature Tom did of me. So this is what I really look like!! I put my picture right next to the life-size batman costume Tom has in his studio LOL. His work place is the funnest I have seen, I would never leave a studio designed like that. That is my template for a dream-studio some day.


Finally Tom helped me work on a top-secret project I am working on, I will unveil it sometime this year. Got a lot of pointers on how to make it happen. A clue is in the print he signed to me. I absolutely love his montage for characters that he does- especially of the Sherlock Holmes that I got home. Will frame it as inspiration in my home-office.


So that was my weekend! I cannot wait to do some drawings, but this month is a really busy work month. So once my scientific grants are done, time for a lot of drawings!

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