People Sketches

Grocery shopping days are a good drawing-day for me… since my wife lets me sit at the adjoining cafe. I’m really grateful for that. The gentleman reading the newspaper was a fantastic model, he hardly moved so I could actually finish the entire drawing quickly. I was in half a mind to show my sketch to him as I liked how it turned out. How someone else sees you is so different than what you think you look like, and it is not always reassuring I guess. Tom Richmond (whose workshop I going to on the 16th) is going to do a caricature of attendees there (including yours truly), I’ll post it and see how I feel about it …. serves me right.

4 thoughts on “People Sketches

    1. Thanks!! so glad you can feel what I am trying to capture in my drawing. I was at a cartooning workshop this weekend trying to get better. I have described it in my latest post!


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