People sketches of the week/Learning from a Laxman drawing

First lets get my sketches out of the way at the Grocery store/starbucks  from this morning. The best way to improve drawing is to learn from Masters; RK Laxman was a consummate artist. I spend a lot of time looking at his compositions, the human gestures and incredibly subtle and astute ways with which he captured the nature and character of his subjects.

I find drawing hands to be really difficult. In the drawing below see how beautifully every hand and gesture is placed. I love how the main subject holds the phone and casually puts his hand at the back of the chair. The line work using an ink brush (no photoshop nonsense), The furniture the expression on every face… one could learn a lot about art just from one of his drawings.  I got the drawing from (  I do not know who owns this, but the work is displayed only for art-appreciation and educational purposes.Government_office

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