Worms also age- a Cartoon


My colleague’s wife Nina writes a blog on- yoga for healthy aging  (check it out), and wanted me to illustrate the concept of aging in worms (explained in the following paragraph). You will notice that worms also have a mid-life crisis and hence the red convertible. Coincidentally I might be going through one myself LOL.

All animals age including worms which lives for about 10 days. Laboratories use worms to study the basic process of aging and hope  to learn something about human aging. It is fascinating that mutating some genes in worms can double or more than double their lifespan. This tells us that aging and lifespan are programmed in our cells, and that this program can be changed! Now we are learning that the same genes can also play a role in mammalian aging, and this is an exciting time to be studying aging biology. My day job is running a lab on aging at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, maybe I will write about my work with illustrations some time.


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