John Goodman

I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane this weekend, was reminded why John Goodman is such a fine actor. Do not want to give away the plot, but do watch it. I like sci-fi movies getting back to a more character oriented, and less blowing up everything model. Now I know I am getting old, I would not have said that even five years ago lol.

IMG_0360 [786146]

3 thoughts on “John Goodman

    1. Wow, I need to watch this! I am a big fan of dune (the books not the lynch Movie). i might have to do a few drawings inspired by it. ‘The spice must flow’, gom jabbar, kwisatz hadderach so many great terms still in my head lol. Thanks for reminding me.

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      1. ‘The spice must flow,indeed’. Yeah, the Lynch film wasn’t impressive. But this would be the real deal if it ever got made. That’ll be so cool if you drew something from this film..

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