People sketches of the week with watercolor.

IMG_0313 [1286391] IMG_0314 [1286389]

Been a busy week, but glad I got a few drawings in. I am trying to incorporate watercolors into my caricatures. Like musicians, artists are constantly trying to find their natural and unique voice. I think I am slowly getting there. I liked these two Marinites at the coffee shop today.The gentleman  was graying on one half of this head which was really cool I thought. I like how the watercolor and guache white feel more organic for hair and highlights.

I have been studying some of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. This week James Gurney, another great artist had an interesting write up about Wyeth’s techniques. Worth reading if you are interested in watercolor (the link is attached)-

Thanks for seeing my sketches!


6 thoughts on “People sketches of the week with watercolor.

  1. I truly envy people who can sketch like this. It is a God given talent. Honestly. Some say you can learn to draw or sketch. Yes and No. You can study to do it. But there are some things that just cannot be learned.


    1. Thanks much! You might be right, i loved to draw since i was 4 or 5. There is a fantastic book called ‘drawing from the left side of your brain’ where a teacher shows that actually everyone can get really good and it works!


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