Holiday season people sketches

I had to draw the young Christmas Jedi in my neighborhood (I added in the BB8 robot!).


I often see some older gentlemen at the grocery store scratching tickets. ‘Maybe THIS will be the year my luck changes.’


I was at Starbucks today with my colleague, I usually avoid it.. with all their fancy beverages.  This lady ahead of me had the most complicated order I have heard, and was so particular about the exact temperature. Lesser said about those blue Ugg (appropriately named ) boots the better… but she was fun to draw. I blew their minds by just asking for coffee.


© 2015 Arvind Ramanathan All Rights Reserved


8 thoughts on “Holiday season people sketches

    1. I love my toned sketchbook. Its a daler rowney earthbound series book. I was so particular about the specific tan hue, and they only sell it in the UK. I got some on sale at amazon. Which tan book did you get. Eager to see your work in 16 too!

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  1. I have been meaning to post for awhile now, but I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy looking at your sketches/art-my favorite in this group is the Santa Jedi-I look forward to seeing more in the coming months! You really capture a sense of that person in your sketches-Wonderful work!

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    1. Thanks much! Its great to hear that from you. I will keep having fun with my art as you are too. The best part is the ability to meet and connect with artists like you around the world.

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